Fannie Stearns Davis

(1884-1966 / United States)

Biography of Fannie Stearns Davis

Davis was born in Cleveland, Ohio on March 6, 1884. She graduated from Smith College in 1904. She is credited with having two books of poetry

published: Myself and I, 1913, and Crack O' Dawn, 1915.

Her poetry is marked by sensitive poetic feeling and delicate artistry. Davis taught English at Kemper Hall in Kenoshay, Wisconsin from 1906-07. In 1910, she was instrumental in assisting her brother, William Stearns Davis, in editing his classic historical book, A Day in Old Athens. She earned the distinction of being listed in the 1914 Who's Who. Jessie Bell Rittenhouse was one of the many people that praised the lyrical quality of Davis' poetry. Updates


There is your day,
Up! Away!

The still, untroubled forest stirs.
The doves' nests in the deep black firs
Move and pulse and beat;
Quivers of leaves, like heat,
Run down the birches' boughs;
One steady wind-blade ploughs

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