Farina Afrin Malik

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Biography of Farina Afrin Malik

Dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, slim and crazy. I am madly in love with baking. I make whatever i feel like whenever i feel like it. I am a TV addict (well i was till very recently) . I'm a nice person (a fact of my life) .There are things i hate eating and i wont go near it but the food i like eating i eat a lot of. I am mad, literally. I'll say the weirdest things that make no sense at all but man, its fun! My friends and family define me in some ways. I absolutely love them and they love me. I love reading mystery books. Agatha Christie is the best. I equally enjoy Adventure books and historical books. In terms of music, i listen to anything thats good. I want to become a doctor mainly cause of my grandma (another fact of my life) Blue Blue Blue! I love travelling and at one point of my life I want to travel the whole world. I am kind of like iron woman cause if you hit me I dont get hurt, you do.Weird right? I think I'm the only person with a branched heart line, which creeps me out a lot still, I guess that just goes to show how unique i am: P Bottom line, Im awesome =D

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Sea Of Thoughts

Life is the ocean they say
Each wave a new event held at bay
As it crashes on us we may fall
But the best part is, we can get up and stand tall
If we dare to swim into the deep
In our hearts fear we cannot keep
Confidence and belief is the only way out
At first you might flounder no doubt
Still breathe in deep and tell yourself

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