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  • ''Metaphysical! !
    'At face value, pregnancy is a mere proof of sexual activity, time of remarkable physical change, it's either a plot to knot the loose end of a fragile relationship or an icon to crown the happy beginning of a married life. At the deepest level the actual experience of it transcends the common sense.
    Pregnancy is being called as God's assistance in His ingenious works of the marvels of creation. Nature exclusively takes over and the body obeys in translating the divine blue print of life to reality. It is feeling the miraculous Hands of God weave fabrics of life from flesh and blood, an extraordinary at the same time nauseating experience, a master piece of the works of His Hands.
    Taking part in creation and witnessing the wonders of nature is a mind boggling Journey. You feel the presence of the Creator beating through your veins, the seed of life sprouting and the spasms of transient yet unbearable pain bringing fourth the gift of God- A Child.'

    Fasika Ayalew''
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Back In Time

They relax be at ease
on the face your muscles
and your lips stretch out
into thought as you escape
folding entirely to a cresent shape.
Then you know you are smiling
by the force of feeling
from inside that fountain
the good days as you count

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