Felicia Dorothea Hemans

(25 September 1793 – 16 May 1835 / Liverpool, England)

Felicia Dorothea Hemans Poems

161. Edith: A Tale Of The Woods 4/8/2010
162. A Parting Song 4/8/2010
163. The Indian City 4/8/2010
164. The Switzer's Wife 4/8/2010
165. The Spells Of Home 4/8/2010
166. War And Peace—a Poem 4/8/2010
167. The Abencerrage : Canto Iii. 4/8/2010
168. Arabella Stuart 4/8/2010
169. Gertrude, Or Fidelity Till Death 4/8/2010
170. Woman On The Field Of Battle 4/8/2010
171. The Abencerrage : Canto Ii. 4/8/2010
172. A Monarch's Death-Bed 4/8/2010
173. The Suliote Mother 4/8/2010
174. Corinne At The Capitol 3/26/2012
175. Dirge 1/4/2003
176. A Domestic Scene 4/8/2010
177. The Abencerrage : Canto I. 4/8/2010
178. The Bride Of The Greek Isle 4/8/2010
179. The Graves Of A Household 4/8/2010
180. The Homes Of England 4/8/2010
181. The Rainbow 4/8/2010
182. Invocation To The Fairies 3/2/2015
183. The Image In Lava 4/8/2010
184. The Voice Of Spring 4/8/2010
185. Bring Flowers 4/8/2010
186. A Spirit's Return 4/8/2010
187. Indian Woman's Death-Song 4/8/2010
188. The Landing Of The Pilgrim Fathers In New England 1/1/2004
189. Properzia Rossi 4/8/2010
190. The Wife Of Asdrubal 4/8/2010
191. Casabianca 1/1/2004

Comments about Felicia Dorothea Hemans

  • Cynthia Clegg (6/28/2017 8:49:00 PM)

    I have a book of collected poems of Felicia Hemans, published 1897 and beautifully decorated cloth hardback cover. How would I get it appraised?

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  • Gowhar Khan (3/19/2017 3:44:00 AM)

    I am highly inspired by the way you play with hands... Awesome work

  • Muhammad Sagir Hunter Soro (1/19/2016 2:26:00 PM)

    Muhammad Sagir Hunter worked at F.M.C Azare Was (born In 1st June 1987) was M.D of Denawatrick comp in Nigeria from 29 May 2009 to present. Also He is a Member of (ATF) Almajiri tsangaya foundation. From December 2012 to present Muhammad sagir hunter Born in soro Districk, Ganjuwa Local Government Area of Bauchi State (then the part of Northern Region) , Muhammad Sagir Hunter attended Primary School in Soro Central Primary School from 1996 to 2000. Between He attended the Command day Secondary 33 artillery Brigade-Nigeria Army Shadawanka Barrak Bauchi, Bauchi state. Where he obtained Division one (Distinction) in the West African School Certificate Examination. He then attended the School of Computer and Techology at F.R Online Training and later received Diploma program in Computer from 2008 to 2011, Muhammad Sagir Abdullahi Worked as a Manager in Shukura Comp, Gloval link.

  • Sara Militello Sara Militello (11/1/2015 6:06:00 PM)

    Well, of course! I responded to her poems as if she were a contemporary poet I had not heard of before. Now I wonder why she is not better known. Her poetry is sublime!

Best Poem of Felicia Dorothea Hemans


The boy stood on the burning deck
Whence all but he had fled;
The flame that lit the battle's wreck
Shone round him o'er the dead.
Yet beautiful and bright he stood,
As born to rule the storm;
A creature of heroic blood,
A proud, though childlike form.

The flames roll'd on...he would not go
Without his father's word;
That father, faint in death below,
His voice no longer heard.

He call'd aloud..."Say, father,say
If yet my task is done!"
He knew not that the chieftain lay
Unconscious of his son.

"Speak, father!" once ...

Read the full of Casabianca

Sabbath Sonnet


How many blessed groups this hour are bending,
Through England's primrose meadow-paths, their way
Towards spire and tower, 'midst shadowy elms ascending,
Whence the sweet chimes proclaim the hallowed day!

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