Felicia James

Biography of Felicia James

Felicia James is featured on the first page in
the International Library of Poetry
edition, A Surrender to the Moon in
2004.Great poets that inspired her to focus on writing as a career are primarily Maya Angelou, Shel
Silverstein and Alphonse de Lamartine.

Felicia James's Works:

Too Hot for the Shelf is the first book of many to follow from passionate writer, Felicia James.For more information, please visit www.2hot4theshelf.com.

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Tired Of Complaints!

There are taxes on most things I buy
The gas prices are ridiculously high
I hate being charged five cents for a plastic bag
So I light a cigarette, and take a drag!

I can’t stand the absurd bank fees
I might just go bankrupt, but I’ll just have to pay a trustee
I’m so sick of the price inflation
Is there any way to resolve this ugly situation?

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