Felix Bongjoh

Biography of Felix Bongjoh

A Human Capital Development Consultant, he has been writing poetry since he was 15. He worked for an International Organization for some 30 years, during which time he travelled throughout the world. On the basis of his past unpublished poems and new insights gained through the diversity of the cultures and physical sceneries to which he was exposed, he has already published 25 books of poetry,8 with AuthorHouse and 17 with Strafford Publishing. He still continues to write and enjoy writing poetry, of which he is also an avid reader, T.S. Eliot among a few others having influenced much of his poetic career.

Felix Bongjoh's Works:

Twenty-five to date, including the following.

1. Chorus on a Bridge
2. Broken Gloss of Bliss
3. Nightfall at Dawn
4. When Dusk Hoots
5. Weeds of Jewelry
6. Season of Flowers
7. The Ineluctable Spin
8. Gloom's Sprout of Love
9. Spectrum of Zephyrs
10. Whistles in the Wind
11. The Sun Still Glitters
12. Cliff of Sirens
13. Quiet Shadows Scream

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Love's Trajectory

Love's trajectory

Ship wrecked,
Soul soaked
In a bloody bowl:
Come to the beach where hearts thrive
On dense rocks of ore.

Wreck spared,