Fernando Alvarez Biography

Born in Mexico City and lived there some time after that I moved to Cuernavaca Morelos (Mexico) moving again but this time to Anaheim California (U.S.A) , where some of my feelings were coming out, due to the changes that my life had suffered; like spending almost all the time alone and no one to talk to I started becoming quiet and hiding feelings I had. After, moved again to the place of origin and started experimenting things and this is the place where my hate grew and started writing poetry. Most of my poems express facts about the suicide thoughts that I had the pain that I was going through, hate that I had towards some persons in specific. The poems about love were not really inspired from personal experiences they were from what I saw in other persons that were in love and thoughts that could come to my mind. The most recent love poem is called Mended Heart; this one is unique since it was inspired by the love of my life and written by the feelings I have and the things that we have gone through.
The eager and pain has been vanishing. I think a person gets over it as the years pass and lives new experiences in his/her life and becomes aware or finds a purpose for those actions but I’d still tell all those people to F*** off, it can vanish from the outside but not from the inside.
People weren't there when I needed it and that's the result of my poems.

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