Fernando P.A.S.E torres

Rookie (Augist 20th 1982 / New york city (U.S.A))

Biography of Fernando P.A.S.E torres

I'm a 26 year old man who was born in Spanish Harlem I graduated from a alternative school (Boys and Girls harbor) where i reserved my GED.I began writing poetry in the 5th grade as an assignment from my english teacher.
and i really in braced a chime for it.I use to suffer from epilepsy but struggled to find a way out of it. And once i found my dream of being a writer i just stuck by it.
I have the slightest idea of how i can get a book published but i will try to succeed with this struggle as well. I suffer from sickle cell, asthma, and bipolar deceases witch is why i cant afford to get my book out.
Coming from a broken home and being on my own from the age of 8 i came to realize that dreams are harder to come true with out a chance to show what is possible, so this is why im trying to let the best of me show on this web sight.
My book is called A Thugs Bible, it contains various poems from the most serious to some personal poems and some erotic poems witch i cant place hear but ill be glade to e-mail any work to anyone interested.

Poetry is a way out for me and its still the best way for new readers and writers to blossom.

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It was all of U.T.Z
we where all in a party mix,
and this one girl wanted to taste my Twix
you know play with my caramel.
But i was nervous because her x friend had a nutty buddy.
I wouldn't do it so she smoked her Mary Jane and had a cheese it smile.
besides i thought i was gonna get a peanut chew.

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