Flencirose Basera

Flencirose Basera Poems

81. The Departure 1/14/2010
82. Invisible View! 1/13/2013
83. Circles...... 1/13/2013
84. Voices! 1/13/2013
85. Irreplaceable! 7/29/2013
86. Living Love! 7/31/2013
87. Sleep! 8/4/2013
88. My Desires And Wishes! 8/5/2013
89. Sailor, Sailor! 8/4/2013
90. Who Man? Woman! 8/5/2013
91. To The Damned! 10/4/2013
92. Leverage! 10/5/2013
93. Tingling In My Feet! 11/29/2013
94. Trinity In Us! 3/22/2014
95. Tainted World! 12/5/2013
96. Tainted Love 1 8/1/2013
97. My Pearl! 2/3/2011
98. A Coffee Morning! 2/4/2011
99. Human! 1/13/2013
100. Full Pull! 11/8/2012
101. Ebony And Ivory! 1/24/2012
102. To The Stone Cold! 11/23/2011
103. A Thought...... 2/3/2011
104. Love Within The Call Of Duty! 2/4/2011
105. Power Power! 12/6/2013
106. To My Little Sister In Heaven! 3/22/2014
107. If! 2/3/2011

Comments about Flencirose Basera

  • Gidion Kasonde (1/16/2012 10:12:00 AM)

    You are an Angel my Lady keep it up

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  • Flencirose Basera (11/1/2011 7:05:00 AM)

    At the Seahawk in Hulme she rocked! Real and energetic the strength of a true regal young vibrant focused lady! Celebrating the birthday of one who connects infinitely to her-her mom! Enjoyed your show girl!

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</>If God and man had to meet,
And talk of things that affect man,
Of questions that need answers,
And answer each other honestly,
Would you want to be there?
To ask why you are who you are?
Why you have done the things you did?
To ask where your path leads to?
For it is not the way you want to venture.
Why you were given choices that were not final?
The choices are already mapped for you!
To ask why little children suffer?
And why there is poverty in the world?
Would you ask God where He sits?
What He looks at all day?
Who He ...

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Neglected Picture.

As the glowing sun covered by dark grey clouds,
My heart is clouded by misery.
Like the rays trying to melt down the cloud,
My love glows and radiates around you

Dry as the earth below,
Chappy and lacking life,
Summer blooms gone to the wind,
Depicting the hardness within you.

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