Fleur de Lys Rune

Biography of Fleur de Lys Rune

I am 16 years old, and live in Australia. I am addicted to poetry, but it has to be old - Tennyson and Coleridge are my favourite Poets.
The Highwayman is my favourite poem in the entire universe. I am growing up to be a master ninja and a crazy cat lady. (I already have nine cats!)
Jane Austen is my favourite author, and I love Pride & Prejudice to death.

I like words that flow smoothly, and then stop randomly, creating tension in the work, like music that rolls off the tongue.

Fleur de Lys Rune's Works:

None... Just yet.

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Thorns Of A Lifetime

We don't see the fruits of time,
They stand tall and proud,
Unaware of their gradual shroud,
The gardener's trusty spade.

The dusty boughs bow down,
Laden with the fruits of our labours,
The sweat of our brows,
The load of our backs.

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