Florida Angel

Rookie (Spring / Rio 40 Graus..Cidade Maravilha...Delray Beach)

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Florida Angel poet

God is my Inspiration and the Truth my enlightenment.

May My Heart be with you,
and our moments of a lifetime.

I was born in Brazil,
But In US I Live by Proud Choice.
With respect you earn my friendship,
I'm here to learn, teach me something,
let's share or fly...Free Souls in this Beautiful CyberSpace!

Be a friend, YES YOU CAN, Now is what we have,
Be yourself and say Hi!

By love I chose my Flag.
Free I Let my dreams fly,
in Color, red, white and blue.

Kind means my first name and
Loyal is my last.

Realty is the name of my business
and what I do for a living.

Here is the land I call Home,
So kind please be, and let's all be FREE
Dance, Shall We?

I love to travel and live intense emotions,
through simple life, little details, gestures...
Love, Faith, Health, Friendship, Truth, Trust...
So many are the ones I VALUE.

I believe in Growth, and Goals, but...

Beyond being someone that was born, grew up, and old died building it all up, I want to LIVE and Truly Enjoy What I HAVE NOW! ! ! Join ME for a Dream, don't worry If I fly too high...A kid by heart, a friend by all means, here I am to learn and grow with you.

Thank you! ! !

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Hunting Memories

I shall let you go
As you come and go
Shadows of the past
Remembrances fade away
Facts, Pictures, Words, Memories
None are actual as time is gone

What yesterday was romance
Today reveals arrogance

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