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Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson) Poems

401. Together Only Love (Dedicated To Daw Aung San Su Kyi) 9/23/2010
402. You´r Sittin` At The Sea 6/29/2012
403. I Am 3-Dimensional 6/25/2013
404. Museum Of Archetype (Homage To C. G. Jung´s Symbolism Of Dreams) 4/4/2013
405. You Are 4/30/2013
406. With Hue And Cry 4/30/2013
407. Mirror Of Soul 12/23/2012
408. Born To Die 11/24/2012
409. My Love Is Sixty-Five (A B-Day Miracle) 8/16/2012
410. Fools Wisdom 8/19/2012
411. Der Reinste Teil Der Seele 12/13/2016
412. Pinsel Sind Zum Malen 11/15/2016
413. If You Believe - It Will Come True 4/1/2014
414. 'Bleib Hier' (Kleine Prosa Für Cäthe) 11/4/2011
415. Envy & Jealousy - Ambition & Greed 9/27/2013
416. My Mind Is A Dream 3/13/2012
417. Letter From My Soul 7/7/2013
418. Saw You 9/25/2010
419. A Drop Of Poetry 3/6/2013
420. A Child´s Dream 1/8/2014
421. Gedicht - Das Zu Dir Spricht 1/5/2013
422. Lover, Brother 12/20/2011
423. 'Der Narwal' 7/14/2012
424. Immerfort 12/16/2011
425. Du Sitzt Am Meer 3/5/2012
426. Haiku Thunder 3/28/2014
427. Poem - Talking To You 1/6/2013
428. Identity 9/26/2012
429. Behind 1/18/2012

Comments about Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson)

  • 1. Floy Dy Ra Floyd Floydson 1. Floy Dy Ra Floyd Floydson (9/8/2017 5:38:00 AM)

    DEAR ME MYSELF AND I, thanks for your words, BUT my poem was not about you, but about me. That you took the name (headline) for your pseudonyme is just fate and the reason I send you my poem. So everything you wrote has nothing to do with you, but I am glad you congrats me on my poem and saying you´re sure its very good. Best regards.

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  • Me Myself And I... (4/2/2014 5:01:00 PM)

    A funny poem written about me, Me Myself And I? ? I’m of course flattered that someone would take the time to pen such a worthy tribute to myself however, I’m afraid I have to point out the obvious to you, and that is the fact you don’t know me from ‘Adam’ we have never corresponded in anyway what so ever, alas I’m already very suspicious of your write and if you just what to take a cheap shot like the other 99% of the moaners and groaners on this site, then you are way to late my German friend, but congrats on your poem I’m sure its very good.

  • Ekaterina M. Polischuk Ekaterina M. Polischuk (3/5/2012 3:29:00 AM)

    Floyd Floydson is a wonderful poet. His poetry is full of mystery and mystic soul melody. He shows beauty through describing love and sadness. His words sound and penetrate deep into all readers hearts. His rhyme and rhythm are perfect. And you really enjoy while reading :)

Best Poem of Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson)


A good melody washes away every tears
Music is the sun to melt all inner fears

Shadows cover when love goes apart
Love is the moon for our very heart

Sometimes feelings have blown your mind
But mind also is so kind to look behind

Trouble´s solution by an open ear
dries every tear falling softly and clear

Heard by an open heart
blown away by a melody so smart

Transforms a tear of cry
immediately into a tear of joy

That´s how music can give you a new idea
Sometimes it´s more than music can carry and bear

Brain told our ...

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Saw You

Please hear my beats
they suddenly rule my feet
but I was in my fear
saw YOU - they disappear

If I could hold your heart
and stop the beats kindly smart
it will not hurt me anymore
`cause love can never be like war

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