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I like to create, draw, write, whatever, and I find it easy to just not do anything, so I am trying to get this site to spark me into getting a bit more active mentally, we'll see how it goes 8)
I enjoy talking to people and expanding my ideas and beliefs. If you fancy a chat or anything let me know... I think there is no one in the world who can't learn more about themselves by meeting more people.
I also like a challenge so if you have any subjects or ideas you want to throw at me go for it! Updates

I'M Not That Bothered

Half way through the day I notice I’ve odd socks
There is a different time on each of the clocks
I have my tea ready then find no sugar there
The random spikiness of some of my hair
Forgetting which pocket my parking tickets in
Getting corned beef, cutting myself on the tin
No batteries in the house when the remote control stops
Remembering what I needed after I come back from the shops
Sitting down then spotting the remotes not by my side

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