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I like to create, draw, write, whatever, and I find it easy to just not do anything, so I am trying to get this site to spark me into getting a bit more active mentally, we'll see how it goes 8)
I enjoy talking to people and expanding my ideas and beliefs. If you fancy a chat or anything let me know... I think there is no one in the world who can't learn more about themselves by meeting more people.
I also like a challenge so if you have any subjects or ideas you want to throw at me go for it! Updates

The Romantic

You’re not quite the height I like but I can bend a bit
You’re wider than the girls I like but I guess you could get fit
You hair is kind of mousey, not the shiny blond I seek
Your voice isn’t velvety and your laugh has that odd squeak
Your eyes are brown and I like green, and one is slightly higher
You don’t have the slender cheekboned face that I tend to desire
Your figure doesn’t have many curves, just one on either side
Not quite petite, more filled out, did I mention you were wide?

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