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I am currently a freshman at my school.[[it's not all that great]] I have gone through a load of crap in my life, and i still am. I believe that love does exist! ! and im on an incrediable journey to find it.I may have had love before but that came to an end in august: (.but its all okay I HAVE! made it through :)
I am a scared & slightly unopened person. Once you get to know me you find an amazing guniune person who just wants acceptance from people who matter most. I wear my heart on my sleave hoping noone tears it to shreads. I can't exactly tell you where im going with my life because the direction changes every week.
Poetry is something that runs in my family.&&i know im not the best poet, but i know my poems are atleast good.I Want To Lean To Snowboard So Bad, it's killing me.&&if the winter x-games are on you better not even think about bothering me :) I also love Photography.i really want to become a photographer! ! ! ! :)
Well if there is anything you want to know about me ask, and I will be happy to answer :)) &&If You Have Myspace Feel Free Tto Request Me :) just ask for the url :) ex-ohhhh

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Who Whould'Ve Known? ?

Going though my life like this,

who knew I would feel like this.

It feels like this stupid teenage drama never ends.

The fighting, name calling, all of the hurtful words exchanged,

who knew I would feel like this.

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