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Fran Isherwood is a regular performer on the London Spoken word scene.
Her poetry is a wry, awry, word-playful gallop through the vagaries of life encountering mail stealing snails, lollipop ladies, Glam Rock, insomnia and macabre part time jobs en route.
She has had poems published in Alternative Press's anthology 'Publish You', a Forward Press anthology, RRRANTS 2, The Book Club Boutique newspaper & the Spring 2011 edition of Poems In The Waiting Room. Updates

Eros, Sore

A candlelit dinner `a deux:
Celine Dion’s heart was going on.
“I’ve had Mars in my sign, ”
She said.

“Oh! ” Sounds painful, ”
He said.

She tossed her hair somewhere over there

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