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41. I Shall Ride The Wings Of Heaven 4/18/2013
42. Beyond The Elysian Weald 4/18/2013
43. Twain Of Fairies 4/18/2013
44. A Gift To Cherish 4/18/2013
45. Brew Of The Warlock 5/23/2013
46. The Birth Of A New Day 4/18/2013
47. Verdure Of Shamrocks 4/18/2013
48. The Wuthering Winds Of Yester 4/18/2013
49. To Laud The Hymns Of Praise 4/18/2013
50. Cherub 5/22/2013
51. Awakening Of The Kraken 4/18/2013
52. Scowl Of The Ents 4/18/2013
53. Bite Of The Apple Of Idunn 4/18/2013

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Bite Of The Apple Of Idunn

A deadly curse began to flit upon the clans,
and the clansmen with such a swift wrath.
It came from beyond the dales and the thorps,
making the striplings grow hoary and old.
They were bereaved of youth and their werd,
was becoming dark and bleak amid their path.
The sundry athelings fell to its amansed grasp,
and the riddle would start to unfold.
With a dearth of answers the elders gathered,
the eight to seek to unravel the blinding dern.
A ruthless slough betided on the striplings,
who hitherto were quickly dying amain.
The curse had spread and...

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War Of The Athelings

It was thus foretold by the soothsayers,
the Vikings would be slighted by wrath.
The death of the bold king's son Halldor,
at the hands of the athelings was seen.
The Gods would unloose upon the clans,
the dreaded berserkers upon their warth.
And amidst the fortnight their swift anger,
was felt upon the thorps of the clansmen.
A bode would betide and gar the kinsmen,

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