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Rookie - 30 Points (Virgo / Born: UK, grew up: Africa, now living: Perth, Western Australia)

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So... my writing in a nutshell.

I was involved in film in the early 80's then divorce meant putting aside my aspirations although I continued to be involved in the writing world.

I switched to novels & writing for children ~ was even awarded for my efforts... Theatre and community involvement consumed me for twenty years. There was
always poetry... Then came university at 50!

Now I'm in love and married to the man I could have married thirty years ago and my circumstances have changed... I am happily writing full time ~ mostly
screenplays, poetry and short stories at the moment... I'm very lucky and finally living my dream!

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My poems are now available as KINDLE Poetry Chapbooks on
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'Rail Tales' Poetry chapbooks printed version available http: //

'Love' Poetry chapbook printed version available from http: //

'Hidden Capacity ~ a poet's journey' published by MMB Publishing, Cork, Ireland 2003. ISBN: 0-9544723-0-6

'Poets Corner ~ Sept '06 ~ Pages Cafe' Anthology; Editor/Publisher; Frances Macaulay Forde includes 55 poets who participated in Poets Corner during the 2005 Western Australian Spring Poetry Festival. Updates

Beach Babe

Rippled by rolling heart-waves,
inexorably advancing -
consistently -
towards our Us.

This resurgence,
pounding our shifting shores,
destroying sandy barriers...

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