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I am an aquarian and I am very true of my sign. I love poetry it is my first love. I am hard of hearing but this does not stop the beauty of the words of good poetry. I always write in truth and I write from the heart because all my poetry comes to me just by sitting at the keyboard. Never have to compose or sit and think of what to write. It just comes like the flow of the ink from a pen. I have five grandchildren and two children. They mean the world to me. But none of them really read poetry except the eldest grandaughter Angel who also writes little poem. Love to you all frances

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Never had anything published in my life. Would love it to happen but thus is life xx Updates

My Inspiration

My greatest inspiration comes from within my heart
Nothing ever mattered only what god gave from the start
He took my unworthy life and tore me inside out
Then he gave me a tongue and hands to know what lifes about

Inspiration is always within the spirit and also the mind
With a gentle nudge you can truly in you find
The peace that you find within is a gift and not a deadly vice
But remember all my lovely friends not the devil you entice