Francesca Marie

Biography of Francesca Marie

Hello, my name is Francesca Marie. I'm an introvert, I'm currently attending college.I express myself through poems and stories rather then voicing my opinions vocally. My guilty pleasure is watching in-prov clips on YouTube. I'm also working on writing a novel. Updates

When I

When I see your smile it brightens my whole day.
when I hear your voice all the stress I carry melts away.
when I'm talking to you its like the whole world stops.
All that matters is your talking to me.
will the butterflies ever stop?
I picked out a song and too many quotes to count.
Daydreaming in class of what we could be.
I hope you open your eyes and see what a beautiful thing this could be.
I tell myself your not worth it but you find your way into my heart and mind.

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