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1121. Death Is All Around 8/6/2015
1122. I Have To Pee 1/19/2015
1123. The Dogs' Days Of Winter 1/13/2015
1124. The Leprechaun's Ball 3/17/2015
1125. Active Vs. Passive 1/18/2015
1126. Winter Lights 1/29/2014
1127. Ice-Cream 3/3/2015
1128. How I Measure Time 4/22/2015
1129. Teaching Lesson 7/30/2015
1130. Elegy For Dead Poets 9/26/2015
1131. Lucifer Wept 3/10/2016
1132. The Lads Are Streaming Porn 1/18/2015
1133. The Flight Ahead Of Me 4/1/2015
1134. My Poem Is My True Selfie 6/10/2014
1135. Not All Fathers Are Dads 6/2/2016
1136. Chaos 1/11/2015
1137. Were There Five? 1/31/2014
1138. Mary Jane Died Last Night 5/20/2015
1139. A Child Is Born 12/18/2015

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A Child Is Born

I don't know destitute.
I could use the bathrooms
In McDonalds,
If I eat there.
I'm no refugee.
Neither are you.
We have computers, not canvas.
I warmed up the coffee today
And the dishwasher needs to go through
For the third time this week.
Homeless: We have them.
Poor: We'll always have them.
Hungry: Look to the soup kitchens.
Sick: The gurneys are lined in the halls.
Death: It's all around, and increasing.
And still, in that tent or Uber taxi
A child is born to change all this.

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Winter Lights

Between autumn's offerings and spring's wings
Our winter lights are everything.
Crisp sky nights string tinsel streams, and
Crystal air heils winter's dreams.

Poplar trees that snowed in summer,
Are treasures held in winter's slumber.
Bare branches reach in silhouette,
For crowning stars where none now sit.

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