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Francie Lynch Poems

1081. Lighthouse Eyes 4/5/2014
1082. Red, Red 2/9/2015
1083. The Fucked For Life Club 12/19/2014
1084. Cicadas And Crickets 8/13/2017
1085. Worry Begets Worries -new- 9/11/2017
1086. I Get No Sleep 8/7/2017
1087. I Will Age 7/8/2017
1088. It's A Wonder Any Of Us Are Here At All 6/13/2017
1089. A Word To The Wise 5/11/2017
1090. Revolving Door 7/31/2015
1091. We're Not Laundry 12/8/2015
1092. Glasgow Cathedral 11/7/2015
1093. Talking To Strangers 11/10/2015
1094. Secrets 11/5/2015
1095. Everything's Back In Vogue 8/16/2015
1096. No Words 5/8/2017
1097. Life's A Puzzle 3/5/2016
1098. My Heart's A Boiling Cauldron 11/27/2015
1099. Death Is All Around 8/6/2015
1100. I Have To Pee 1/19/2015
1101. The Dogs' Days Of Winter 1/13/2015
1102. The Leprechaun's Ball 3/17/2015
1103. Active Vs. Passive 1/18/2015
1104. Ice-Cream 3/3/2015
1105. How I Measure Time 4/22/2015
1106. Teaching Lesson 7/30/2015
1107. Elegy For Dead Poets 9/26/2015
1108. Lucifer Wept 3/10/2016
1109. The Lads Are Streaming Porn 1/18/2015
1110. The Flight Ahead Of Me 4/1/2015
1111. My Poem Is My True Selfie 6/10/2014
1112. Not All Fathers Are Dads 6/2/2016
1113. Chaos 1/11/2015
1114. Were There Five? 1/31/2014
1115. Mary Jane Died Last Night 5/20/2015
1116. A Child Is Born 12/18/2015
Best Poem of Francie Lynch

A Child Is Born

I don't know destitute.
I could use the bathrooms
In McDonalds,
If I eat there.
I'm no refugee.
Neither are you.
We have computers, not canvas.
I warmed up the coffee today
And the dishwasher needs to go through
For the third time this week.
Homeless: We have them.
Poor: We'll always have them.
Hungry: Look to the soup kitchens.
Sick: The gurneys are lined in the halls.
Death: It's all around, and increasing.
And still, in that tent or Uber taxi
A child is born to change all this.

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I Was Just A Witness

A light cracked the door,
And then we hear:
'All rise.'
I witnessed Justice
Behind the glass, in a box:
He scratched and stretched
Skin over his eyes and brows and stubbled face,
Needing a fix for his appearance.
Something was unbalanced

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