Francis Kokutse

Rookie - 80 Points (19/10/1958 / Accra-Ghana)

Biography of Francis Kokutse

Francis Kokutse, a 1990 Press Fellow of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge is a free-lance journalist based in Accra, Ghana. He is the Ghana Bureau Chief for Africa Today magazine. He also writes for several other media organisations including, Associated Press, Dow Jones Newswires and the Inter Press Service. He was born in Accra, and trained as a journalist. He started work with the Ghanaian Times in Accra and later moved to work for African Economic Digest (AED) in London. Later he joined NewsAfrica magazine as the Assistant Editor also in London. During the 1980's he served as the Ghana Correspondent for for many media organisations including All Africa Press Service of Nairobi, Kenya and Southern African Economist of Harare, Zimbabwe. Updates


There is a place across
the ocean where Kpende
our chief from Aneho was
once a guest against his wish.

It is a place where no one cares
about his neighbour
because the cold that sweeps
across this land has killed