Francis Kokutse

Rookie - 80 Points (19/10/1958 / Accra-Ghana)

Francis Kokutse Poems

1. Solitude 6/9/2006
2. Nostalgia 6/12/2006
3. Leave Me Alone 6/12/2006
4. The Moon At Noon 7/14/2006
5. Nuremberg In The Atlantic 7/14/2006
6. I Do Remember 7/14/2006
7. These Three Days 7/24/2006
8. This Butterfly Stings 7/26/2006
9. I Am Happy 7/31/2006
10. Just Say A Word 8/3/2006
11. We Mourn You 8/3/2006
12. Sadist 8/4/2006
13. It Was The Mother Of Sins 8/7/2006
14. What Happened? 8/10/2006
15. We Have A Heart 8/11/2006
16. To My Kinsmen 7/13/2006
17. I Want To Dream 7/17/2006
18. They Said It 8/14/2006
19. This Garment You See 8/15/2006
20. Last Post 8/22/2006
21. The Story Of Our Life 8/22/2006
22. Strange Woman 8/22/2006
23. Dont Be Surprised 8/29/2006
24. This Viper Has Struck 9/30/2006
25. Be My Doctor 10/16/2006
26. Look At Me 10/31/2006
27. Smile Back 8/8/2007
28. Did You Throw All Away? 3/3/2008
29. A Song For Esteria 3/3/2008
30. Reach Out 3/3/2008
31. The Other Truth 6/13/2008
32. Living In The Minefield 7/3/2008
33. Selling The Word 7/24/2008
34. Another Dawn Shall Break 3/15/2009
35. It Was To Be Our Last Port (For The Two Princesses) 8/1/2010
36. When The Lion Roared 8/1/2010
37. Pepertual Flame 10/3/2010
38. This Is A Wonderful World 1/11/2013
39. This Earth Has Gone Mad 9/28/2013
40. Dancing Without Drums 4/2/2014

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Best Poem of Francis Kokutse

Concerto Goree In 'A' Minor (For Maya Angelou)

Oh! Oh! ! Oh! ! !
This is not a cry of pain.
It is the sound of the push of
the pangs of the birth of a tale
that l have carried like a pregnacy all my life.
If it sounds like laughter to you
then know that l am laughing at
their ignorance of our ways.
They would not understand.

That is why they say Maya is a poet
but she is not, it is just the jeliya
that has put words into her mouth to
say to the people of the new world
what her grandmother would have
said in the village square long ago.

Jelli, jelli oh jelli let the drum roll ...

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Leave Me Alone

On a Monday, the Pastor said
you fed on my destiny and killed
all my dreams and hopes.
Then, you returned to tease me of
all that l could have achieved but failed.

He said on Tuesday you killed my joy
and that was the day that Effia died
because you and your friends fed on her

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