Francis Santaquilani

Francis Santaquilani Poems

161. 24/7 10/10/2005
162. Accidental Death And Dismemberment 10/11/2005
163. Platypus 10/29/2005
164. Merciful Ghost 1/19/2006
165. Unschmackhaft 12/12/2011
166. Games 2/17/2010
167. Happy As Ever 3/20/2008
168. Haiku 9/11 10/10/2005
169. Beat 11/9/2005
170. E.D. 10/10/2005
171. Scrape, Scrape, Scrape 3/16/2008
172. Dinner With The Daddy 3/18/2007
173. Impenetrable 11/17/2005
174. Death Be Proud 8/5/2007
175. Abortion Haiku 12/8/2008
176. It Was An Unattended Death 10/11/2005
177. Quartz Clock 10/11/2005
178. I Like How You Pray 4/9/2006
179. Sailing On 1/24/2006
180. We Are Tigers 10/12/2005
Best Poem of Francis Santaquilani

We Are Tigers

We are tigers.
You are the larger one.
I warred against your whirl,
Then billowed to your bite.
Now I measure the force
Of your affection for me
In pounds per square inch.

That last day,
Before you carried me away,
That bad and good day,
The last day I thought of nothing
Swept horizontal:
Tall grass fanned my neck,
Half sleep was plump,
Clouds for clouds sake slid over me.
The day sank to my knees
And crawled with me in tow.

By your teeth
And your spin
The void fell away.
The day sped to a smudge
And clouds ...

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Bicycle Man

He's always in front

Of me on his bicycle in traffic.

When we're bumper to bicycle wheel

I get a really good look at his back.

He pulls his wool cap

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