Francis William Lauderdale Adams

(27 September 1862 – 4 September 1893)

Francis William Lauderdale Adams Poems

81. Axiom 4/20/2010
82. London 4/20/2010
83. Dedication To His Love 4/20/2010
84. Anarchism 4/20/2010
85. To Queen Victoria In England 4/20/2010
86. A Death At Sea 4/20/2010
87. A Street Fight 4/20/2010
88. Love And Death 1/4/2003
89. The Answer 4/20/2010
90. A Story 4/20/2010
91. Defeat? 4/20/2010
92. Art 4/20/2010
Best Poem of Francis William Lauderdale Adams


'YES, let Art go, if it must be
That with it men must starve —
If Music, Painting, Poetry
Spring from the wasted hearth!'
Yes, let Art go, till once again
Through fearless heads and hands
The toil of millions and the pain
Be passed from out the lands:
Till from the few their plunder falls
To those who've toiled and earned
But misery's hopeless intervals
From those who've robbed and spurned.
Yes, let Art go, without a fear,
Like Autumn flowers we burn,
For, with her reawakening year,
Be sure she will return! —
Return, but greater, nobler ...

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To A. L. Gordon

In night-long days, in aeons
   where all Time's nights are one;
where life and death sing paeans
as of Greeks and Galileans,
   never begun or done;

where fate, the slow swooping condor,
   comes glooming all the sky --
as you have pondered I ponder,

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