Francisco Escandon

Rookie (5/8/1993 / Centereach, NewYork)

Biography of Francisco Escandon

I am a poet. I hope to one day bring poetry back to the status where it used to be. I love newyork.: D I also love canada: D and, i have a story. My life is basically an unfinished story. So i'm going to do my best to make into a legacy.!

Francisco Escandon's Works:

'Mountain climb: poetry book' sold in to my friends.: D Updates


We all have dreams.
But what are dreams?
How far will we go to chase a dream that may never be accomplished?
A dream that is worth chasing
Must be the obstacle that is worth facing,
But the dream we want the most is
An expectation of how you get their
And a person worth changing to see life
In a dream that is reality.

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