Frank Adie

Frank Adie Poems

1. Death's Invitation 10/22/2012
2. The Princess' Wrath 10/22/2012
3. Believer's Prayer 10/22/2012
4. Indiscriminate Weapon 10/22/2012
5. My Mouth 10/23/2012
6. The Fate Of My Father 10/23/2012
7. The Widow's Fate 8/26/2016
8. Forgiveness 8/26/2016
9. A House Made Home 8/27/2016
10. The Hell Bound Train 8/27/2016
11. The Fate Of Christ 1/17/2017
12. Stay Married 3/15/2017
13. A Doom-Bound Nation 3/15/2017
14. A Long Night 6/16/2017
15. A Husband's Couplet 6/16/2017
16. Mother To Daughter 6/16/2017
17. Globalization 6/16/2017
18. Detective Lover 6/16/2017
19. The Broom 6/22/2017
20. A Knock On Heaven's Gate 7/7/2017
21. Earnest Supplication 7/11/2017
22. The Unholy Fart 7/11/2017
23. Stay Hopeful 7/19/2017
24. Identify Your Class 7/19/2017
25. Heavenly Race 7/19/2017
26. Words 7/19/2017
27. A Memorable Night 7/19/2017
28. Crossroad 7/20/2017
29. Keep Keeping On 7/20/2017
30. The Future 7/22/2017
31. Spousal Grumbles 8/4/2017
32. Life Expectancy Index 8/5/2017
33. The Power In Failing 8/5/2017
34. Wild Thoughts 8/10/2017
35. The Politics Of Chop I Chop 8/11/2017
36. Different But The Same 8/11/2017
37. The Single Mother 8/30/2017
38. The Illegitimate Seed 9/25/2017
39. Focus On The Promises 10/26/2017
40. Nothing Is Free 10/26/2017

Comments about Frank Adie

  • Lantz Pierre Lantz Pierre (8/30/2017 1:21:00 AM)

    There is some unmistakable magic to be found here. Plain spoken but still full of artifice. Honesty and imagination doing a duet. Some of the flesh has been peeled back inviting you to dip your fingers in, to taste. A certain sacrilege, a certain holy ascendancy. A train wreck you can't keep from staring at. I don't know who Frank is, but I think I may learned something about myself. A shady place to rest next to gently lapping waves while bodies are gently floated out to sea.

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Best Poem of Frank Adie

The Slave

I was bought with money
I am the property of my master
He determines the course of my life
He subjects me to mindless drudgery
I am always the last to go to bed
And the first to wake up everyday
I dare not complain or grudge his orders
In fear of the whip of disobedience
Whenever I ask why it is so
I am being told that I am a slave.

I do the cooking in my master's house
Yet I must live on the leftovers
I wash and iron cute and expensive cloths
But have only rags to cover my back
I weed and tend my master's garden
But I dare not taste the ...

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Focus On The Promises

What science cannot do, God can;
Magnify your God and not your problem;
Doubts closes the gate to one's Promise Land,
And robs one of the promises of God.

Always focus on the promises and not the problem;
When you magnify your problem, you degrade your God.
Repress every negative voice in your mind,
The One who parted the red sea is still on the throne.

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