Frank Adie

Frank Adie Poems

41. The Peculiarity Of Success 8/30/2016
42. Mother-In-Law's Plight 6/29/2017
43. The Illegitimate Seed 9/25/2017
44. Birthday Reflection 2/15/2014
45. The Ecstasy Of Surrender 6/29/2017
46. The Significance Of Na-Wao! 7/3/2017
47. The Prostitute's Admonition 8/30/2016
48. The Diary Of A Hero. 1/28/2016
49. Broken Vow 9/14/2017
50. The Slave 8/28/2016
Best Poem of Frank Adie

The Slave

I was bought with money
I am the property of my master
He determines the course of my life
He subjects me to mindless drudgery
I am always the last to go to bed
And the first to wake up everyday
I dare not complain or grudge his orders
In fear of the whip of disobedience
Whenever I ask why it is so
I am being told that I am a slave.

I do the cooking in my master's house
Yet I must live on the leftovers
I wash and iron cute and expensive cloths
But have only rags to cover my back
I weed and tend my master's garden
But I dare not taste the ...

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Indiscriminate Weapon

How where you created,
O you weapon of mass destruction?
How did you become the most dangerous tool of man?
You are replete with pleasure,
Yet you can cause so much pain.
You are an indiscriminate explorer,
Bold, fearless and mischievous.
You explore the terrain beneath the ‘triangle' of virgins,
And make a way where there was none.

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