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41. The Peculiarity Of Success 8/30/2016
42. Mother-In-Law's Plight 6/29/2017
43. Birthday Reflection 2/15/2014
44. The Ecstasy Of Surrender 6/29/2017
45. The Significance Of Na-Wao! 7/3/2017
46. The Prostitute's Admonition 8/30/2016
47. The Diary Of A Hero. 1/28/2016
48. The Slave 8/28/2016
49. Broken Vow -new- 9/14/2017
Best Poem of Frank Adie

Broken Vow

Right from the day I said "I do"
I have known no man but you;
When you stripped before that whore,
Did you forget the oat you swore?

Where is the love and fidelity you vowed?
Before God's sacred alter where you bowed?
Was that vow a mere recitation?
That actually deserves no veneration?

You have desecrated the sanctity of our love,
With you uncontrollable sexual drive,
Can I ever trust you with my heart again?
After I have once done so in vain?

The day you decided to cheat on your wife,
You prepared the ground for marital...

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Spousal Grumbles

Cursed be the day I said 'I do',
To this monster I thought I loved.
What sin did I ever commit?
That life should punish me with such a man?

I can't imagine I left my Chris,
For this good for nothing man.
If I could turn the hand of the clock,
I would spit back his proposal at him.

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