Frank Ammerlaan

Frank Ammerlaan Poems

1. Waterkracht 9/16/2015
2. Open Letter And Poem To Taylor Swift 9/22/2015
3. Easy 10/21/2015
4. Will They Find Me 11/3/2015
5. November Trees 11/11/2015
6. Park´s Edge 11/13/2015
7. Gedachtenis 11/15/2015
8. A Curtain Drops (Linda Ellerbee) 12/3/2015
9. 450 Jaar Stadhuis Antwerpen 12/24/2015
10. Grandpa And Grandson (I Presume) 1/1/2016
11. Mona Lisa 1/1/2016
12. Mijn Kleine Schatjes 3/6/2016
13. Romancing The Beach 3/17/2016
14. Oude K3 Bedankt! 4/10/2016
15. Moluks/Indisch Drama 6/2/2016
16. Mythbusters Ends 6/5/2016
17. Mijn Lieve Vrouwtje 6/15/2016
18. Beatrix Potter's Enigste Aanzoek 6/21/2016
19. Morning Sun 7/2/2016
20. Zonsondergang 7/17/2016
21. Frank En Kim 1/26/2017
22. Joris En De Drakentemmers 4/23/2017
23. Mona Dhinuk Smiles 5/5/2017
24. Indoor Playground (Haiku) 5/5/2017
25. Song 5/5/2017
26. Kanker 6/11/2017
27. The Blue Sky 6/7/2015
28. My Lovely Wife 6/8/2015
29. Our Father In The Heavens 6/9/2015
30. The Cormorant 8/10/2015
31. Jesus Of Nazareth 8/29/2015
32. I Want To Be With Her 7/13/2015
33. My Beautiful Rose 6/5/2015

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Best Poem of Frank Ammerlaan

My Beautiful Rose

The weather is great
the sun is shining
And out there is my rose
With a foxglove intertwining

The rose is my pride
Its flowers colored a beautiful red
flowerleafs so soft, so delicate
the plant well-nourished
and well-fed

Its odour is nothing short
of a play for my senses
I take a small sniff
And the experience intenses

The garden needs tending
As small as it is
Whirly weeds infesting
my little bliss

What a happy day this will be
With the sun shining
A slight, ocean-like breeze
And nothing else to do
but my ...

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I Want To Be With Her

The plane has already landed
My heart is beating faster
I’m getting anxious, nervous
Can’t wait to get off the plane
Wanna see, wanna hold her

I wanna be with her!
“Cabin Crew: Doors may be opened”
Long row of people waiting

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