Frank Bana

Frank Bana Poems

41. Towards A Pain-Free World 1/2/2007
42. Identity Theft 1/8/2007
43. Young Men In Maun 1/11/2007
44. This Is Your World (An American Dream) 1/17/2007
45. Colour My Soul 1/24/2007
46. Year's End, International Avenue 12/30/2006
47. Cargoes Of Childhood 1/29/2007
48. Shylock As A Man 2/7/2007
49. Between Us 2/9/2007
50. To Thank You, Lord 2/22/2007
51. Sugar And Gold 2/27/2007
52. American Lives 3/7/2007
53. Memories And Dirty Knees 3/30/2007
54. Tiger Stalks In Red 4/5/2007
55. It's Not Flying 4/26/2007
56. Not Driving, But Steering 6/5/2007
57. The Wounded Self 6/5/2007
58. Abilities 6/8/2007
59. Shameless 6/22/2007
60. Sixty Years In The Shade (The Sheltering Green Flag) 6/25/2007
61. Smorgan At The Don 7/3/2007
62. Declaration In Flight 7/19/2007
63. I Will Try 7/31/2007
64. Monstrous To The Core 8/3/2007
65. My Childhood Temple Song 8/11/2007
66. Forgetting To Ask Why (An American Lament) 8/29/2007
67. Who Takes Care Of Him? 8/30/2007
68. That Messianic Feeling 9/6/2007
69. Selma Makes A Hard Sell 9/11/2007
70. God And The Dictators 8/16/2007
71. The Quiet One (For Beatle George) 10/5/2007
72. The Letter, 1974 10/8/2007
73. Gerald In The Snow (In Memory, Dh Lawrence) 10/12/2007
74. Defiant Love 10/20/2007
75. Sacrifice (A Song Of Auschwitz) 10/23/2007
76. Beloved Country, Endless Journey 10/26/2007
77. The Space For Dreaming.... 11/9/2007
78. Dark Heart In Retreat... 11/24/2007
79. Leaves (A Song Of Exile) 11/30/2007
80. Herr Hitler In Reverse 12/19/2007

Comments about Frank Bana

  • Ruby Root (7/13/2006 11:24:00 PM)

    Hi Frank you write with compassion, love, life... You are have diversity When you write. You are a very talented writer.

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  • Ruby Root (7/13/2006 11:24:00 PM)

    Hi Frank you write with compassion, love, life... You are have diversity When you write. You are a very talented writer.

  • Ruby Root (7/13/2006 11:21:00 PM)

    Hi Frank you write with compassion, love, life etc... You have diversity when you write. You are an excellent and talented poet.

  • Ruby Root (7/13/2006 11:19:00 PM)

    Hi Frank your a creative writer. You write with compassion, Love, Life struggles. You can write with diversity. This really shows talent in a poet.

Best Poem of Frank Bana

Come Closer To Me

Come closer to me, dearest love,
To secret homes where we belong
Let my embrace be all your world
Our whispers its most perfect song
Discovered as a woman, man
In unity by four hands bound
Joined in knowing timeless love
The silence of harmonious sound
Make me completed of your love
And I will bring to you my soul
Ecstatic of our myths and tales
The stories that our bodies tell
How profoundly do I find
The essence of your being now
Adoring all your womanhood
This man in me is offered up
To call across the spaces wide
Not ...

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Poem Of Peace

There is much peace in this young planet
Whenever we’re amazed and silent
There is more silence than yet encountered
Where we command our traffic to a halt

More energy than we have manufactured
Is generating in our resting
The music to affirm our species
Is infant in the frets on our guitars

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