Frank Bana

Frank Bana Poems

81. After The War..... 1/9/2008
82. Progression 1/10/2008
83. Snow-Ku 2/11/2008
84. Coffee Thought 3/17/2008
85. Concert Review: Dylan At Bridgeport, Ct, November 2007 3/19/2008
86. Present At The Feast (Praia, Cape Verde,1983) 3/21/2008
87. Olympian Disgrace 3/28/2008
88. Immutable 4/2/2008
89. My Execution 4/7/2008
90. Lovers Of Peace 4/21/2008
91. Help Me If You Can (Beatles, Grand Central, Bombay Mix) 4/23/2008
92. The Heart Of Things 4/28/2008
93. Cigarettes And Me 4/30/2008
94. Who Was William Shakespeare? 5/13/2008
95. One Day (A Song) 5/14/2008
96. Cinnamon And Domino! 5/28/2008
97. North - South Road 6/6/2008
98. Poem For Marius Schoon 6/16/2008
99. Mugabe's Man (Tales Of Everyday Torture) 6/25/2008
100. Love Song For Hamas 8/26/2008
101. Empire's Heart 10/10/2008
102. Flying South 10/20/2008
103. Basket Of Sunlight 11/25/2008
104. In Africa's Night (A Lament) 1/7/2009
105. Mirage 1/10/2009
106. Inauguration Platform Song 1/12/2009
107. We Celebrate Silence 3/3/2009
108. Fresh Notebook 3/15/2009
109. Relative Poverty 3/18/2009
110. Hotel Room Meditation 3/27/2009
111. Of Necessity 3/30/2009
112. For My Father 4/3/2009
113. The Truth (For Leonard) 4/6/2009
114. The Cup Of Mercy 6/1/2009
115. Deer (Ku) 6/4/2009
116. Browsing By The Beach 6/10/2009
117. To Jesu 6/25/2009
118. Flying Together In Mind 7/1/2009
119. These Hands (201?) 7/22/2009
120. To Begin Again (Shalom Aleynu) 11/25/2009

Comments about Frank Bana

  • Ruby Root (7/13/2006 11:24:00 PM)

    Hi Frank you write with compassion, love, life... You are have diversity When you write. You are a very talented writer.

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  • Ruby Root (7/13/2006 11:24:00 PM)

    Hi Frank you write with compassion, love, life... You are have diversity When you write. You are a very talented writer.

  • Ruby Root (7/13/2006 11:21:00 PM)

    Hi Frank you write with compassion, love, life etc... You have diversity when you write. You are an excellent and talented poet.

  • Ruby Root (7/13/2006 11:19:00 PM)

    Hi Frank your a creative writer. You write with compassion, Love, Life struggles. You can write with diversity. This really shows talent in a poet.

Best Poem of Frank Bana

Come Closer To Me

Come closer to me, dearest love,
To secret homes where we belong
Let my embrace be all your world
Our whispers its most perfect song
Discovered as a woman, man
In unity by four hands bound
Joined in knowing timeless love
The silence of harmonious sound
Make me completed of your love
And I will bring to you my soul
Ecstatic of our myths and tales
The stories that our bodies tell
How profoundly do I find
The essence of your being now
Adoring all your womanhood
This man in me is offered up
To call across the spaces wide
Not ...

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Terms Of Childhood

She rose, interrupting her 3am sleep,
To place a rough stone on the pavement
In the long queue of stones, marking her mother’s place
In the morning line for government bread

She stands in pink at the school-bus stop
Faded satchel on her back, her eyes contained
By some slight terror of the daily world
Of the diesel clouds and traffic waves

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