Frank (Black) Blacharczyk

Frank (Black) Blacharczyk Poems

1. Woke Up This Morning 10/17/2016
2. The Eyes Have It 11/8/2016
3. Any Day Now 11/9/2016
4. Fell In Love, Sort Of 11/30/2016
5. Peace 12/2/2016
6. A Real Crime 12/2/2016
7. Bullets And Blood 12/4/2016
8. Regrets 12/22/2016
9. Looking Back 12/31/2016
10. The Poet 2/15/2017
11. See You Around 2/19/2017
12. The Grand Illusion 3/4/2017
13. Who Is My Neighbour 5/8/2017
14. In A Moment 5/29/2017
15. Twist Of Fate 5/31/2017
16. Nowhere To Run 7/13/2017
17. Follow The Leader 7/19/2017
18. Mercy 7/24/2017
19. Clearly In Red Ink 8/5/2017
20. No Direction -new- 8/13/2017
21. Orders From The Easy Chair 4/17/2015
22. Where Am I 5/4/2015
23. He Restores My Soul (For Joan And Everyone Else) 5/20/2015
24. Behind The Words 7/10/2015
25. Me And My Shadows 9/11/2015
26. Darn Mirror 9/14/2015
27. Dollars And Cents 7/9/2016
28. Can We Be Friends 8/23/2016
29. Hey George 9/13/2016
30. Sunset Sunrise 2/23/2015
31. Can't Talk Right Now (Or Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You) 3/9/2015
32. Unlucky In Love 1/19/2015
33. Simplicity 2/7/2015
34. All You Need Is Love (Dedicated To The Beatles) 10/14/2016
Best Poem of Frank (Black) Blacharczyk

All You Need Is Love (Dedicated To The Beatles)

A day in the life with a little help from my friends
a hard days night eight days a week I'm so tired
and all I really want to do is hold your hand in the rain
because life can be so insane
Lovely Rita don't hide your love away
Don't let me down I wanna be your man
want to hold your hand
Help I need you not just anybody
put your warm body next to mine
I me mine so I feel fine
we can work it out without a fuss
just the two of us
Don't let me down because you might
All you need is love to keep it right
For the benefit of Mr. Kite
let us not fight ...

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When friends go the way life goes

Who were there to help write your life's story

A book published in heaven

Doesn't mean the end is the end

The lonliest place is a vacant room a vacant heart

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