Frank (Black) Blacharczyk

Frank (Black) Blacharczyk Poems

1. Woke Up This Morning 10/17/2016
2. The Eyes Have It 11/8/2016
3. Any Day Now 11/9/2016
4. Fell In Love, Sort Of 11/30/2016
5. The Colour Of Life 12/2/2016
6. A Real Crime 12/2/2016
7. Bullets And Blood 12/4/2016
8. And So Is Life 12/22/2016
9. Looking Back 12/31/2016
10. The Poet 2/15/2017
11. See You Around 2/19/2017
12. The Grand Illusion 3/4/2017
13. In A Moment 5/29/2017
14. Twist Of Fate 5/31/2017
15. Nowhere To Run 7/13/2017
16. Follow The Leader 7/19/2017
17. Thirsty For Mercy 7/24/2017
18. Clearly In Red Ink 8/5/2017
19. Who Is My Neighbour 8/27/2017
20. My Name Is David 9/12/2017
21. Orders From The Easy Chair 4/17/2015
22. Where Am I 5/4/2015
23. He Restores My Soul (For Joan And Everyone Else) 5/20/2015
24. Behind The Words 7/10/2015
25. Me And My Shadows 9/11/2015
26. Damn Mirror 9/14/2015
27. Dollars And Cents 7/9/2016
28. Can We Be Friends 8/23/2016
29. Hey George 9/13/2016
30. Stumbling From Here To There 11/24/2017
31. Sunset Sunrise 2/23/2015
32. Can't Talk Right Now (Or Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You) 3/9/2015
33. Simplicity 2/7/2015
34. All You Need Is Love (Dedicated To The Beatles) 10/14/2016
35. When Words Fail Me 10/7/2017
36. Unlucky In Love 1/19/2015

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Unlucky In Love

Unforgiven but still in love
Out of control I caused you harm
Sorry is just an over used word
Slipped fell down bruised weak and then I saw God
I prayed for death only to be pushed back
to face my sins and then He helped me back up
When the fog cleared I looked to see the damage done
All the doors began to shut I knocked and no one answered
No one believed me that I had changed
But the past was too soon my heart deflated like a pierced balloon
unforgiven but still in love
You tell me it's alright forgotten but nothing changes
A friendly handshake a tense ...

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Where Am I

Sometimes I wonder...where am I
Am I in somebody's dream
Travelling through dreams and nightmares
dying when that somebody wakes up
Times of doubt and belief come and go
like breathing in and breathing out
A constipated brain needs release and a plunger
It is not the way the game is played
It is all about the money paid

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