Frank Dempster Sherman

(1860--1916 / United States)

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  • Jim Wassman (12/5/2017 3:51:00 AM)

    Crocus song delineater magazine pg. 607 watercolor by taggin

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  • Juliet Coravere (3/19/2017 2:18:00 PM)

    Being a book lover myself, I thoroughly enjoy reading poems such as Sherman's, as they lend a sense of wonder to books and the vessels through which we enjoy them. I love poets from this time period as they are at the cusp of human language, in my opinion, with the well-educated writers having a vast reservoir of words to draw upon to create both a detailed picture and an enjoyable read. In his maze of descriptions he lies out a perfect library which most can agree with, who could reject a roaring fireplace and vast windows for a year-long tenancy in such a place? His adherence to the simple yet effective couplets add the nostalgic poem feel which entrance readers like myself.

A Pacific Dawn

When pale Selene in her crescent boat
Sails down into the margin of the West
Through shoals of stars that twinkle in unrest,
In fancy's bark I follow her, and float
O'er sapphire seas to dreamy realms remote,
And at my side there goes a feathered guest
Who sings to cheer me, and the air is blest
With melody responsive to his note.

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