Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)

Gold Star - 104,061 Points (A Collection of Select Literary Works)

Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) Poems

161. The Arrogance & Insignificance Of Time... 7/26/2016
162. Fatal Assumption... 7/26/2016
163. One Tragic Tale Of Foot In Mouth... 7/26/2016
164. A Couplets Pour Of Poetification 7/27/2016
165. Gethsemane After Midnight { In Honour & Observation Of Holy Week } 3/24/2016
166. + The 14th Station Of The Cross {in Honour & Observation Of The Passion & Death Of The Christ} 3/25/2016
167. + The Three Crosses Of Golgotha { In Honor & Observation Of Holy Week} 3/25/2016
168. April Springs Hai & Ku's... 4/11/2016
169. The Bishop & The Crucifer { Prose } 4/11/2016
170. Grandma, Me & Our Mighty Oak Tree... 7/22/2016
171. In Awe Of Aquatic Ambience... 7/22/2016
172. Death By Diamond... 7/22/2016
173. War Is A Cul-De-Sac... 7/22/2016
174. We Were Just Kids, Iz All { A Tale Of Tango & Catechism } - 7/28/2016
175. A Heart Warning Story In True From Me To You... 7/28/2016
176. Great Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe In Senryu { #6 } 7/28/2016
177. Great Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe In Senryu {# 7 } 7/28/2016
178. Death After Life By Choice... 7/28/2016
179. Passion Be The Colour Indigo { A Metaphorical Verse } 7/29/2016
180. M A S Q U E (A Non-Traditional Sonnet) 7/29/2016
181. Ode To The Plagiarist (Reposted By Special Request 7/29/2016
182. The Shame Of Societal Ignorance 7/29/2016
183. The Esoteric Mind Of The Abstract Poet 7/30/2016
184. Book Of Visions... 7/31/2016
185. Crucifixion Of Th' Soul... 7/31/2016
186. Time...Life's Non-Negotiable Element... 7/31/2016
187. Movement In Black { Original Version } 7/31/2016
188. Where Is This Vulgar Dreck Coming From? 8/1/2016
189. Deliverance Of The Doves...(Rev./ Rep. 8/1/2016
190. F O R S A K E N 8/2/2016
191. Haiku For Poetic Performance... 8/2/2016
192. To The Doctors Of Homicide { For Gwenevere } (Rp) 8/2/2016
193. Haiku 100 Scores Ago... 8/2/2016
194. Haiku For The Dying Oak Tree... 8/3/2016
195. Psychology 101.I [ Minute Verse- A Series ] 8/3/2016
196. Psychology 101.2 [ Minute Verse- A Series ] 8/3/2016
197. The Fire Within The Heart - 8/4/2016
198. ' Timothy Leary... 8/5/2016
199. The Dyslexic Course Of Life... 8/5/2016
200. Sometimes Love Is Just Like That, Sometimes... 8/5/2016

Comments about Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)

  • Lillian J. (10/10/2007 4:29:00 PM)

    A gifted inspiring writer, a valued part of this site whose presence and talent shall be sorely missed by many.

    FJR, you have brought us to the heart of nyc, back in time with the witch trials, to the fantasy and eloquent beauty of Ariel, tingled our spines with your thrilling darkside, moved us with your hero tributes, educated and informed with your editorial style, and wooed(especially the ladies) by your romance.

    Your contribution on helping other writers by offering advice and critiquing their work was admirable...

    YOU WILL BE MISSED! Best in all you endeavor!

    Lilly :)

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    0 person did not like.
  • Angela Barker (9/18/2007 8:37:00 PM)

    I write poetry, Frank James Ryan Jr is a poet.

  • Raul Castelan (6/10/2007 1:19:00 AM)

    Well, I could say more than one word for this great poet, and that is that he is one of the most CREATIVE person I've ever met. He cares for so many and does a splendid work in his craft. He has gift, talent, skill, and many more things to come. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here on this website. I shall never forget the way he encourage me to write some more. I could just see the future now with a statue of his outside a library, or a poem of his hanging in a classroom. Whoever dares to mock him does not really know who he is. He is but to be love by all poets forever and for always. His work will go beyond this century to the very far future to never be forgotten. The reason why I say all this because I have read so many poems from poets of the past to the present. The way he flows with his words are really detailed. He takes you into his world that nobody has ever seen. For some reason I shall compare him to the Leo Tolstoy of this days in poetry since he knows how to take the reader to a painted gallery. And so, I've said enough, you have now come to find out what is the true genius of this GREAT POET.


  • Diane Violet (5/15/2007 6:23:00 PM)


    Famed rare a named knight
    Just and moral ever so
    Ranked ye are noted

    Diane Violet

  • Michael Gale (5/8/2007 5:31:00 PM)

    Yes-I totally agree with all the kind comments about this very gifted and talented kind poet at this sight. It has and will be a great pleasure to read poems by him and to share the gift of the word with him. He is indeed a well liked and caring individual who is nice to exchange comments and well read he be. I consider him a true friend and comrade of the written art. My time here would not have been so encouraging and fun without his well talented gifts and caring comments. I hope to read many more of his gifted words in the near future and beyond.
    May God bless and protect him and his loving family and friends.
    God bless all poets-MJG.

  • Francesca Johnson (3/12/2007 1:44:00 AM)

    Hey - what happened? I haven't commented here yet!
    Everyone has said it all. I agree with Helen, not only is your poetry first rate but it's the man behind the poems that we will also remember for a long time to come. Thank you, Frank, for all your encouragement and help. And the support you have given to so many of us.
    Don't make a stranger of yourself, you hear?
    Love, Fran xxx

  • Diane Violet (2/24/2007 3:05:00 PM)

    Frank it has been a joy to get to know you here on PH. Your poems are a pleasure to read and savor. Your name appearing in the comment section produces delight and encouragement to develop and improve. You and your
    words are so very valuable. I wish you all the best in your new endeavor.
    Watch out for aliens lurking from Mercury :) ............till later.

  • kskdnj sajn (2/23/2007 7:28:00 AM)

    From the East to the West, I have enjoyed reading Frank's Series on New York. A fantasic collection packed with wonderful captures of all the city's brilliance.

    Thanks Frank. :)


  • Kristin Davis (1/18/2007 12:51:00 PM)

    *this place looks familar~~ I have to say something since I'm here again*...

    Frank is an intellegent, inspiring poet who brings forth a powerful meaningful message with his pennings. He's a unique artistic individual who will captivate the reader with his writings and put you in a trance throughout his masterful pieces!

    I love you my dear friend! You're in my thoughts and prayers and you've touched my life in a way I can't express. I just pray that others see you for what I see you as. AMAZING!

    Big hugs to ya ole' Frankster!


  • Will Barber (1/16/2007 4:12:00 AM)

    Frank James Ryan, Jr. is a generous and talented member of the community. His praise has encouraged others, and his poetry is quite worthy of praise.

    I seldom check my 'comments, ' but Frank has praised the best of my works. If I try to post a comment upon a poem I admire, Frank has generally beat me to the punch.

    Frank James Ryan, Jr. is a splendid example of the community that this site encompasses.

Best Poem of Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)

' Emeralds And Black Diamonds...

Lie down lass, with me, in sage green meadows
Your blouse flouncing open, in the teasing breeze
The meadows, feel so cotton, this time of year
Come lay beside me, and sense my desires.

Open field, honeysuckle....arouses my yen
For passion 'neath th' sparkle by th' mid-noon sun
No clouds abide our scape of choice to pleasure
So, again I ask you lass, come lay beside me.

Come close, love, as these hungry emerald eyes
Beg to stare into your warm, black diamond eyes
Take my hand in bond, I assure you, my lov',
That emeralds and diamonds never fade ...

Read the full of ' Emeralds And Black Diamonds...

Crystal On Winterscape

Sprays of windglaced ice-dust....freezing mornings dew,
on the fresh needled spruce, immune to autumns wake -
of feral gusts, that sent sprite colour leaf to crusted soil,
while listening to Decembers eerie fife unfurl its chords.

Grass blades errect like soldiers flanked in rank and file,
rigidly still from their full-bodied shells of arctic-armor.
Still, nothing be quite so th' Winters overture-
an' its virgin drape of white flake, sweeping o'er hilltops.

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