Frank Macias

Rookie (not dead yet i suppose / Born in a hospital)

Biography of Frank Macias

Well my name is Frank and I was raised in a place called San Dimas. I enjoy making music(playing guitar, bass, harmonica, and more to come...) and i write songs. Im going to a school named Bonita high school but i don't think im enjoying this experience very much. For some odd reason i dont like being treated like a student.. i like being treated like a person..
Well anyways, im kinda new at writing poetry.. iv only been writing for one or two years so if you see anything i could improve i would really enjoy to hear your commentary. oh and if you see something you like it would be very kind if you complemented me because i am still unsure if im any good or not.

Frank Macias's Works:

The books are still in my head... Updates


The young mind riddled with questions
is pregnant with answers.
For if one doesn't jump off the ledge of guilt, grief, or suffrage then how will one know what is or isn't positive?
Following the latest trends for answers will lead to a premature ignorant baby.
So if the riddled one jumps off the ledge what will become of him/her?
Resolution... Disappointment...
Understanding... Depression...
Peace of mind... And a baby...
But what can one do with such a baby?

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