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201. You Hung There On That Cross 5/15/2016
202. I Know Why I Stand 5/15/2016
203. I Am But A Flower 5/15/2016
204. My Heart Is Stilled 5/15/2016
205. I Hear The Cries Of Yesterday 5/15/2016
206. The Broken Heart Of God 5/15/2016
207. I Will See You 5/15/2016
208. Dark Comes The Night 5/15/2016
209. Despite It All-Love 5/15/2016
210. Lost And Forsaken 5/15/2016
211. I Know About Thy Grace 5/15/2016
212. For Heaven's Higher Ground 5/15/2016
213. Leaving Her Behind 5/15/2016
214. There Is A Song 5/15/2016
215. I Cannot See The Wind 5/15/2016
216. You're Not Forgotton 5/15/2016
217. Under The Shadow Of The Fallen 5/15/2016
218. He Is My Mast 5/15/2016
219. Take My Hand Mam 5/15/2016
220. Keep On Walking 5/15/2016
221. You Will Find Me There 5/18/2017
222. Healing The Broken Heart. 5/18/2017
223. So I'Ll Pick Up My Cross 9/10/2013
224. The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail 9/10/2013
225. One More Setting Sun 9/10/2013
226. Swing The Sword 5/15/2014
227. And Still The Rivers Flow (A Contemplation Of Time) 7/16/2014
228. To Run The Race 7/16/2014
229. He Took My Stripes Upon His Back 7/29/2012
230. He Took Captivity Captive 7/16/2014
231. I Give To Thee My All 7/16/2014
232. To Be Found In Him 7/16/2014
233. To Hell And Back 7/16/2014
234. A Wingless Bird? 9/5/2012
235. Love Unexplainable 7/16/2014
236. Can You Hear Me? 7/16/2014
237. I Will Fly Away 9/10/2013
238. Dark The Shadows Haunt The Night 5/24/2012
239. Psalm 139 5/14/2012
240. Psalm 133 5/13/2012

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Poem For A Mother Whose Lost Her Son

I held him safe within my womb
And kissed him in the birthing room
I held his hand in sickness too
And now I don't know what to do

My son, my child, my flesh and bone
Has died and left me all alone
And in the night when no one sees
I cry and end up on my knees

I cry to God and ask Him why
My precious son he had to die
And when the morning light appears
That's one more night I've spent in tears

And as the years they slip away
I learn to live just day by day
I turn to God who was so far
I look to where the answers are

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An Anthem To Freedom

Were you there when Jesus bled
Before the cross, in sins were dead
By your hand in Christ were led
On to victory

Now's the day and now's the hour
Stand with Christ and stand in power
He's our Rock and strong High Tower
We're free from slavery

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