Frank Pulver

Rookie - 14 Points (10/28/1971 / born-(Hudson, New York) - raised-(Tampa, Florida))

Biography of Frank Pulver

I am a person that has lived a long, but short life full of struggles. I will slowly publish my poems.

I have wriiten a few hundred poems in the last few years ans I am slowly putting them om here.

If you have an idea for me to write about please let me know. I honestly like to get my ideas from someone else's feelings or thoughts. Updates

As He/She Holds Me Tight

As I lay here and hear the rain as it is falling.
It makes me feel sad, because I know the Lord hears me calling,
And I know that He feels my sadness and lonesome pain.
Sometimes it causing me to want to doubt Him but it not a gain.

Even though I sit lonely at night
I wish there was someone here hold me tight.
This why I still take my time and write down my journal posts,
Because I know that the Lord love so much more than most.

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