Frank Samuel Williamson Poems

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Before The Boat Race

There's a tumult in the distance, and a warsong in the air,
Where the foemen in their galleys, for another fight prepare,
For they whisper in the country, and they noise it in the town,

Flag Song

Dear flag! Old flag! O, the blue and white,
Floating in the years long gone,
How our pulses beat,

The Swagman, Or In Exile

Long I've watched the eagle soaring, and the sun his colours pouring,
Till they fill the vale below me, as though with purple wine;

The Miner's Grave

His comrades bore him to the grave,
In column moving slow,
With pomp their faithful subjects gave
To monarchs long ago.

The Magpie's Song

Where the dreaming Tiber wanders by the haunted Appian Way,
Lo! the nightingale is uttering a sorrow-burdened lay

Dreams Fsw

I seemed a waste of weary land,
Lone, grey, forsaken by the sea,
The keen sun smote my naked sand,
The sultry wind made sport of me.

Mist And Moon

Why should the mist rise from the stream.
A lyric on its bars!
And steal from every wave the gleam,
Begot by lover stars.

Dew Fsw

Dew upon the robin as he lilts there, on the thorn,
Jewel on a scarlet breast a fleeting moment worn,
And suddenly by fairy hands into blue heaven drawn.

She Comes As Comes The Summer Night

She comes as comes the summer night,
Violet, perfumed, clad with stars,
To heal the eyes hurt by the light
Flung by Day's brandish'd scimitars.

Love In The South

The opal-sandalled Morn and Spring
Go singing hand in hand,
Their sister voices sweetly ring
Across a perfumed land;