Frank Stanford Poems

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Freedom, Revolt, And Love

They caught them.
They were sitting at a table in the kitchen.
It was early.
They had on bathrobes.

Dead Orchard

Like seven birds sleeping on the plateau
Overlooking the shipwreck of love, mystery
Of the drunken visitors wandering off
With your wife, men who talk with a bad accent,

Light Blue

The white clothes on the line put the man to sleep.
He was sitting on a soda case
Leaning back on the porch.

The Arkansas Prison System

Is like a lyric poem
with seven basic themes
first the cottonpicker


When the rain hits the snake in the head,
he closes his eyes and wishes he were
asleep in a tire on the side of the road,

Faith, Dogma, And Heresy

It was Sunday, before dinner.
My uncles were listening to the opera.
O.Z. and I carried my brother in
And laid him on the table.


I Or Your Woman
The night was a bad one.
I only saw one other person out:
A big black man on muleback

In Another Room I Am Drinking Eggs From A Boot

What if the moon was essence of quinine
And high heels were a time of day
When certain birds bled
The chauffeur is telling the cook


My father and I lie down together.
He is dead.
We look up at the stars, the steady sound

Planning The Disappearance Of Those Who Have Gone

Soon I will make my appearance
But first I must take off my rings
And swords and lay them out all