Frank V. Gardner Poems

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John Kennedy, Eternal Rest

The day John Kennedy was shot,
He bowed his wounded head...
His wife embraced him frantically,
Her lap, a martyr's bed.

Rest Assured, John Kennedy

The years have passed since Kennedy...
With heartache, war, and strife....
How would it be if, only,
He had not then lost his life?

Mother's Day With Microwave

This early morn I woke befuddled; .
Came downstairs to write
These thoughts that in my mind were muddled
Through the stormy night.

Retiring For Final Writings

There's got to be another poem;
Perhaps a book or two.
I have ideas for writing them
By then I should be through.

Pope John, Ecumenical Man

Pope John is dead! The crowds go home,
Their vigil's over now;
Their prayers continue for the man
Who simply showed them how.

Gerry's Paintings On The Wall

On Echols Street in Sixty Three
There was some 'painting' done,
And those who did that painting
Said it was a lot of fun.

Let Us Join The Town

We're separated by the creek!
Frustrated by the pike!
We're cut off from the town in ways
No one of you would like!

Gardner Seven Teens

In spring when buds are popping,
And the leaves are showing green,
Who could enjoy it better than
A girl of seventeen.

Chain Of Twenty Five

Another year has passed, my love,
And now it's twenty five:
The total years our marriage has
Been true, and been alive.

Do The Best You Can

The world around us doesn't wait for us to make a mark;
For waiting is so futile when we have so little spark.
So many do the waiting as they watch the world go by;
Too many sit and wonder how the mountains meet the sky.