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Frank Witte Poems

1. Road From Haran 2/3/2009
2. Exit Visa 2/17/2009
3. Flurry & Flower 2/17/2009
4. Unavoidable 6/16/2009
5. Call To Arms 6/16/2009
6. Some Time 6/16/2009
7. 05-06-08 6/16/2009
8. The Fields Of Pelennor 6/16/2009
9. Hearts Shell-Shocked 6/16/2009
10. No Regrets 6/16/2009
11. Hyde Self Wrought 6/16/2009
12. Questionless 6/20/2009
13. Simplicity 2/6/2009
14. Silent Room 3/4/2009
15. Little Miracle 3/4/2009
16. Let Me 11/29/2008
17. Unsollicited Grace 12/17/2008
18. Metropolis 4/2/2009
19. Bridges And Trains 1/3/2009
20. To Sleep, Perchance To Dream 2/5/2009
21. March In Fire And Ash 3/11/2009
22. December Haze 12/23/2008
23. Channel Lullaby 6/16/2009
24. January's Call 1/2/2009
25. Waterloo Bridge 6/16/2009
26. More Than Chemistry 12/2/2008
27. Why I Like Starwars (A Geek Poem) 6/22/2009
28. Reciprocity 12/10/2008
29. June 11/24/2008
30. ג ל ו ת 1/28/2009
31. Separation And Heaven 11/29/2008
32. Breakfast Conversation 12/12/2008
33. ת פ י ל ו ת ש ל ח ו ל 2/2/2009

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ת פ י ל ו ת ש ל ח ו ל

Sizzling desert sand,
I talk,
heat of a wasteland,
I walk.

A long path and no end,
forgot it had a start,
led me away, my heart,
eternal mystic friend.

My knees in the sands,
I pray,
I fold lonely hands,
I stray.

My face burns on the grains,
as my body faces east,
and the work of love's yeast
expands my chest in pains.

Heat dries out my glands,
I hear,
God ties lives to strands,
eyes sear.

My tears cry for your name,
arms reach to touch your face,
growing love carves a trace,
done without ...

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Separation And Heaven

Separation can be measured to a certain degree
by the total number of humans between you and me.
And as sociologists say this is hardly more than seven
it seems just a short path that leads straight to heaven.

Separation can be found with sufficient persistence
in the heartfelt willingness to cover that distance.
And as a determined man can walk over land and sea
it makes you wonder just how far away heaven could be.

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