Frankie Stamey

Rookie (10/20/65 / Sandersville Ga.)

Biography of Frankie Stamey

Elzie Frank Stamey
Born on October 20,1965
In Sandersville Ga
To James G Stamey & Carolyn Stamey
Frank was the 2nd born of 4 boys
Frank has 3 brothers and 1 half brother
And three half sisters
Frank resides in the small town
known as Dearing Ga where he grew up
Frank and his 3 brothers were raised by
their Grandmother on their fathers side
Frank Never finished high school
Quituated in the 10th grade
Became a roofer
Got married in 1983
Got devorced in the 90's
Has 5 beautiful daughters
Has 11 Grand kids and one on the way
Frank Goes by the name Frankie Stamey
Frank is just an average man living an average life
As of 2010, Frankie has been writing 4 years
Frankie started writing In 2006 while taking classes on addiction where he was required to keep a journal and the words just started flowing together and Frankie began to fall in love with writing and has been writing daily ever since! He has improved a lot in his writng over the years and is always striving to get better! ! Updates

Liquid Depression (4)

Liquid depression how shall I compare thee
With the demons deep within my soul
You are not the only demon there,
I've many more, that you could not know

Though you share the same body and soul
It is my mind that you alone control
Liquid depression is only a materialistic possession
Other demons exist in the darkness

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