Fred Babbin

Rookie (1925 / Chicago)

Biography of Fred Babbin

I am a retired school-teacher. Email me if you want my address. My poems are rather gritty for the most part, because my life has been rather gritty.
I am a member of the Buddhist Temple of Chicago. 'God' is not one of my priorities, and we are in constant confrontation. I became interested in writing poetry in September 2007, so I would not climb the walls, because I had nothing else to do when I began.
Writing poetry is the best excuse for wasting time that I can think of. I can wool-gather and sit for hours, because I am 'creating'; at least that's what my wife thinks. So I have no guilt about what I am doing.
I save my cutenes, such as it is, for my poetry.

Fred Babbin's Works:

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Every Man To His Taste

Some people like adventure-
They play at Erroll Flynn.
I have a different nature-
I don’t have that little gene.
I like a noisy kitchen, and
a bed that’s nice and clean,
and showers when I need them,
and a quiet planned routine.
Some say “it sounds so boring”,

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