Fred Jack Amikoonsgiyamanitoumahwhingon Miles

Biography of Fred Jack Amikoonsgiyamanitoumahwhingon Miles

I am a Sault Ste. Marie Chippewa Elder. I served in the US Army in Vietnam with the 1st Special Forces Group. I am a Historian and an avid reader, writer of comical short stories and I am about to publish a book about a Legend I dreamed about. I am also an artist and a cartoonist, who can not tune his own car. Hmm, maybe I should stop. Do you think? Updates

Murder In The Mind

It was a sharp and gory knife he placed in his cold but sweaty hand, as he deliberately touched with his other apparently normal hand, the skin covering the soft mound containing within the dreams and the means of future generations, which now would never come. His hand felt small bumps knowing such bumps can come from fear as well as cold. Yet wit

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