Fred Jack Amikoonsgiyamanitoumahwhingon Miles

Biography of Fred Jack Amikoonsgiyamanitoumahwhingon Miles

I am a Sault Ste. Marie Chippewa Elder. I served in the US Army in Vietnam with the 1st Special Forces Group. I am a Historian and an avid reader, writer of comical short stories and I am about to publish a book about a Legend I dreamed about. I am also an artist and a cartoonist, who can not tune his own car. Hmm, maybe I should stop. Do you think? Updates

A Painting Of A Dream

While surrounded by darkness, so my eyes can not see,
My mind reaches out, past wood plaster and beams,
searching and searching for a wonderful dream.
My dream found that sight almost too spectacular to be.
It made me look up at what it had seen,
a kind of sky that then had seemed
far too ponderous, even for me.
The blue it bore was not pale with haze
but as spilled light ink wicks softly onto a page,

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