Frederic Herbert Trench

(1865-1923 / Ireland)

Biography of Frederic Herbert Trench

Frederic Herbert Trench (12 November 1865 - 11 June 1923) was an Irish poet.

He was born in Avonmore, County Cork, and educated at Haileybury and Keble College, Oxford. From 1891 he worked as an examiner for the Board of Education.

In 1908 an opera written by Joseph Holbrooke for Trench's poem Apollo and the Seaman was performed, under Thomas Beecham. Trench then moved into theatrical work for a few years, collaborating with his friend Thomas Evelyn Scott-Ellis, 8th Baron Howard de Walden. They put on The Blue Bird by Maeterlinck in 1909, and Ibsen's The Pretenders in 1913, at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. Afterwards, he spent time travelling. He died in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Some other poems of his were set to music by Arnold Bax.

Frederic Herbert Trench's Works:

* Deirdre Wed and other Poems (1901)
* New Poems (1907)
* Lyrics and Narrative Poems (1911?)
* Ode from Italy in time of War (1915)
* Napoleon (1919) play
* Poems (1924, Cape) Updates

A Charge

If thou hast squander'd years to grave a gem
Commission'd by thy absent Lord, and while
'Tis incomplete,
Others would bribe thy needy skill to them-
Dismiss them to the street!

Should'st thou at last discover Beauty's grove,
At last be panting on the fragrant verge,
But in the track,

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