Frederick Francis

Biography of Frederick Francis

I love poetry, it is the furthest thing from my profession and I think most people who know me would be totally shocked to find out I read and write poetry. I simply do it for my self. It makes me feel better some times, or allows me to put things in perspective. The reason I chose to put my poetry up on this website is because I started sharing my writing with a select few friends. I was totally shocked at how many of them just nodded and gave that smile of familiarity. What I concluded is that so many people are so similar in our experiences, good and bad, but many of us do not share them with one another because those conversations do not fit into out society. It is my hope that just one person will read something I have written and feel a little less alone. Updates

Coming Of Age

It’s a funny thing to listen to; their deep life concerns.
One group they speak of money, the other, earth worms.
Made of all the same material, and breathe the same air.
But for one the effects of life show far less ware.

Innocence is bliss, a seemingly careless existence.
But when given the opportunity we put up resistance.
The older we get, the less innocent we are.
Until we reach a point where we’ve just gone too far.

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