Frederick Francis

Frederick Francis Poems

1. The Tranquil Stripe 12/2/2007
2. I Have Had 12/9/2007
3. I Am That 12/17/2007
4. What To Expect 1/5/2008
5. Sonnet 1/5/2008
6. Night Life 1/7/2008
7. Music Man 1/21/2008
8. My Sky 2/10/2008
9. Down The Street 2/10/2008
10. The Wolf 2/10/2008
11. Coffee Shop 2/10/2008
12. Desire 3/2/2008
13. Letting Go Of Nothing 3/2/2008
14. This Isn’t About You 3/2/2008
15. Casual Casualty 3/2/2008
16. The Waves 3/8/2008
17. Take A Drink 3/22/2008
18. Marching 3/22/2008
19. An Apple 3/22/2008
20. Blessed Are The Blind 8/28/2007
21. She Is The Stone 8/28/2007
22. Down With The Cynical 8/28/2007
23. Just Feeling Good 8/28/2007
24. Enjoyment 8/28/2007
25. Start To Finish 8/28/2007
26. Get Over It 8/30/2007
27. Out For The Night 9/11/2007
28. A Matter Of Perspective 9/11/2007
29. Escaping Back To You 9/27/2007
30. The Old Man 9/28/2007
31. Awake In Bed 10/8/2007
32. Impermanence Lasts Forever 10/18/2007
33. Air, Water, Food…..Red Wine 10/24/2007
34. Reality 11/5/2007
35. The House 12/18/2007
36. Coming Of Age 8/10/2007
37. I'Ll Be Okay 8/28/2007
38. Manner Of Manners 11/27/2007
39. Act. 10/2/2007
40. To The Man On Page Three 9/9/2007
Best Poem of Frederick Francis

I'Ll Be Okay

I wonder if when looking back
We'll discover where we went off track?
If I’ll understand why you turned your back?
With such conviction you walked away.

Or maybe there will be a time.
When wounds have healed and you are mine.
And we see all this as an obvious sign,
That together we should be.

I do not know for which I hope.
And Life is such a slippery slope.
Not wanting to dangle at the end of a rope.
I’m just tired of being hurt.

Not sure where I’ll end up next.
My feelings are worn and my mind perplexed.
The thought of continuing makes...

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Down With The Cynical

Apprehension of what’s to come, experience of things past.
Our fear of re-occurrence, quite a shadow it can cast.
Enough to always rob the joyful light of something new.
Deny it all you want, you know this to be true.

Maybe the experience was not yours, perhaps it belonged to a friend.
Possibly they were cut so deep even you needed time to mend.
Their wounds linger still, taking time for healing over.
And for this duration your caring feelings are left stranded and quite sober.

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