Frederick J.B. Moore II

Freshman - 505 Points [Frederick J.B.Moore II] (July 7,1998)

Biography of Frederick J.B. Moore II

Frederick Moore II, is a young poet. He writes about personal life events, and/or events that he wants to avoid in life. He has written over 340 poems, most of his published work is submitted on for the enjoyment of others.
Frederick also has a book published and ready to order on amazon.
Frederick keeps with him at all times one of 4 of his journals that is filled with a virtual timeline of his work.Frederick is 17 years old and yet many people have said that he has an old way about him he in turn tries to use that in his writing.Frederick hopes that his writing will inspire others to see the world in different ways; as well as take the messages in his poems and spread them on to others.Find Frederick on: Facebook(Frederick JB Moore II) and Instagram (frederick2jbmoore) to keep posted.

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Frederick J.B. Moore II's Works:

The Child of Erato: A Collection of Poems
Tribute: A Collection of Poetry Updates

Laura Moore

my mother
so much to us you have given
life, a home, and bundles of love
even when when did not deserve it

you`ve raised us up in a greater image than your own
giving us the life we`ve always wanted and more


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