Frederick Reynolds

Biography of Frederick Reynolds

Frederic Reynolds (1 November 1764 – 16 April 1841) was a British dramatist. During his literary career composed nearly one hundred tragedies and comedies, many of which were printed, and about twenty of them obtained temporary popularity. Reynolds's plays were slight, and are described as having been "aimed at the modes and follies of the moment". He is still occasionally remembered for his caricature of Samuel Ireland as Sir Bamber Blackletter in Fortune's Fool, and for his adaptations of some of Shakespeare's comedies.

Born in Lime Street, London, Frederic Reynolds was the grandson of an opulent merchant at Trowbridge, and the son of a whig attorney who acted for Chatham, Wilkes, and many other prominent politicians. His mother was the daughter of a rich city merchant named West. For many years his father's business was very prosperous, but about 1787 he was involved in financial difficulties. When Reynolds was about six years old he was sent to a boarding-school at Walthamstow, and on 22 January 1776 he was admitted at Westminster School. On 12 January 1782 he entered the Middle Temple, but he soon abandoned the law for playwriting. Updates

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