Free Faller

Rookie (May 23,1993 / Washington State)

Biography of Free Faller

I started poetry at the age of 10 and continued until my birthday of that year. I literally stopped when I found that I have a gift that I figured was the only gift I would get recognition through; art. I would draw and draw non-stop. I would draw my pets and my family and everything else that I'd see. When I was about in the middle of the age 10, I had to move. It was a small move but in my heart it was huge. I had to move less than a mile away from where I was, yet I had to go to a new school and get new friends and do what seemed to be starting over. I lasted through the rest of fifth grade and went on to my middle-school years and just kept drawing. Then during the middle of that year, me and my family got stationed to Virginia. I was in shock. We moved about two months later leaving all of our memories and dreams for there behind. It was hard at first but after about 3 months I started to love it. That all kind of came to a hault when I got into a fight at school and got suspended. That made a huge depression wave take over me. It made me feel so alone. I know what your thinking, it was a fight, who cares, alot of people get into them every day. Well she was more 'well-known', someone fighting her would be known as 'a mistake'. The popularity I had gained since I had been at that school went down the drain. I lost alot of people I was close to because of the rumors that were going around. Well the rest of the year ended quickly and after the new school year started people forgot and forgave. Poetry really helped me learn, I read the poem 'Still I Rise' by Maya Angelou at the beginning of this year. I liked it so much I used it in a class project for my school. It motivates me, and alot of other people. So that's my story for now, not alot but soon I'll be older and have something interesting to say. Right now I'm just a kid that's trying to get people to see the true side of me.

Free Faller's Works:

I'm only 13, I don't think any thirteen year old has a published book. I wish though. Updates

Way More Than Something

Her eyes slowly open
As the world becomes more clearer
Once she was a nobody
Now all the bullies she had fear her

She no longer walks with caution
She keeps a steady pace
She doesn't have a scared look anymore
She has a calmer face

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